What type of cake toppers are used in a pirate wedding?

pirate wedding cake toppers

The cake is one of the most important elements of a wedding and when it comes to pirate weddings, there are various types of cake toppers and decorations you could go for.

I feel that especially with a pirate wedding cake you could really add a personal touch to the event. The cake topper is also a great chance to create a family heirloom that you could treasure and showcase with pride for years to come.

Let’s look at some of the styles of cake toppers and decorations you could pick for a pirate themed wedding.

1. Laser cut

This style is very popular right now and there are a few variations of it. You could choose from having a silhouette of a couple dressed in pirate attire, just your initial or a combination of both. The rest of the cake can be left fairly bare. Another way you could do it is to have your initial at the top or a Mr. and Mrs. topper and then ask your baker to decorate the rest of the cake with a pirate ship motif. A few kraken tentacles “climbing” towards the top of the cake would also make for a wonderful design.

2. Cute and cheeky figurines

The cake topper could also be two cute small figurines (again dressed in pirate attire or a pirate and his mermaid) sculpted by hand. Polymer clay is a great medium for this. It’s incredibly versatile and also very durable when cured right. I know because I use polymer clay myself in many of my creations. You can find lots of handcrafted pirate wedding cake toppers on Etsy. And the sellers there are usually very accommodating when it comes to custom requests.

Are you an animal lover? Perhaps you’re both dog lovers. Why not combine the two (dogs and pirates) and have someone make the cake topper for you with two cute dogs dressed in pirate attire? You can really let your creativity run wild with this and add whatever personal touch you like. After all, it’s YOUR wedding! 🙂

3. Pirate ship cake

Another angle that you could take is to have the baker make the whole cake in the shape of a pirate ship. Now that’s a whole lotta wow right there.

4. Super realistic

As you might imagine, these type of cakes do cost a good amount of money, but your guests will continue to rave about your fantastic pirate wedding cake for years to come. Guaranteed! With this type of cake, you really can do whatever your imagination holds. Perhaps choose your favorite pirate movie or story, a special pirate themed item you both love. The list is really endless. And there are plenty of super talented bakers who can make this happen for you.

Take a look at these sublime pirate themed wedding cakes below. Some serious, serious talent was required to make these cakes, that’s for sure. (If you click on the images, you will be taken to the makers’ Facebook pages.) 

And the last one isn’t even a wedding cake. I think it was made for a kids’ party. Whaaaat? Makes me want to be a 5 year old again.

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration for your pirate themed wedding cake. If you’ve already had your pirate wedding and would like to share a photo of your cake with the rest of the world, please get in touch with me and I will feature you on my blog.

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