How To Choose The Right Rug For A Pirate Bedroom For Kids

choosing the right rug for a pirate bedroom

For many, choosing the rug is an afterthought. However, the rug is the one item that has the ability to pull the room together. So it’s actually one of the first things that needs to be chosen. This will make it much easier for you to match pillows, lighting fixtures, etc.

This is especially true when you’re decorating a pirate bedroom for kids. Why? Because depending on the design and pattern you choose, the rug might end up being one of the focal points of the room.

So what’s the best style of rug for a pirate bedroom?

Well it depends on a lot of things; the size of the room, how old your kids are, the color scheme you’re going for, the material of the rug, etc. In this article, I share 5 styles of rugs you could get, depending on the colors you’re using and the number and variety of pirate themed accessories you’ll be having in the bedroom.

Rug Style Idea #1

If you’d like the bed and headboard to be the center of attention of the room and you have a couple of other prominent pirate themed wall decor or accessories laying around, then you might consider choosing a more neutral and subtle rug. A one color jute or sisal rug would look great if you’re going for a rustic old world look. A word of caution on these type of rugs though … they can be a pain to get stains off and they’re not that comfortable for crawling kiddos or bare little feet.

Rug Style Idea #2

Choose one or two colors from your color scheme. For example, if blue, red, white and brown are your colors, consider choosing a plain rug with shades of blue and red. Always check whether the rug is going to overpower your main focal point. (That’s if you don’t want the actual rug to be one of your focal points).

Rug Style Idea #3

Get a striped rug with two colors from your color scheme. Stripes are a common presence when it comes to pirate themed anything.

Since stripes are usually very eye catching, striped rugs can overshadow other items in the room. So before you go for a striped rug, try to picture how it will look with the rest of the furniture and accessories.

Rug Style Idea #4

Another option you could go for is to get a rug with one big design. For example, a rug with a big skull and crossbones design. Or a rug with a cute pirate boy or girl cartoon character.

Rug Style Idea #5

Lastly, you could get a rug with various pirate themed motifs. A popular choice for a pirate themed bedroom would be a treasure map rug. This type of rug can act as a piece of artwork in the room.

With heavily patterned rugs, there’s always the risk of them completely overshadowing the rest of the decorations. So keep this in mind when choosing your rug. And try to avoid having other bold patterns in the room.

I hope that you found this article about getting the right type of rug for your kids’ pirate bedroom useful. Remember, that if you don’t want the rug to be one of the focal points in the room, choose a plainer, one or two colored rug. If on the other hand, you’d like the rug to stand out, choose one with a big design or many patterns/motifs.

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