20 Epic Pirate Birthday Cakes That Will Make The Kids Jump For Joy

pirate birthday cakes 20 examples

The birthday cake is one of the most important decor elements in a pirate party. It’s only natural then that you should spend a fair bit of time thinking about how the cake is going to be decorated. This holds true whether you’ll be hiring a baker to make it for you or whether you’re going to make the pirate birthday cake yourself.

In this article, I will be going through the most popular color schemes that are usually used for pirate themed birthdays, the decorations that you often find on the cakes and the importance of having the cake decorated in a cohesive way, so it’ll fit in with the rest of your pirate themed decorations. I’ve also picked up 20 different pirate cakes for inspiration and ideas. (If you click on the images, you will be taken directly to the talented bakers’ Facebook pages). 

20 Pirate Birthday Cake Designs To Inspire You

Let’s start off with the overall look and feel of the cake. If your party is going to be for really small kids and you’ve decided to go for more cartoon-ish style features and decorations, then the birthday cake will preferably need to have similar features. This is so that the whole party will have a cohesive look.

As you can see from the 9 awesome pirate birthday cakes shown above, they all have fairly “simple” decorations (some more simple than others) and none of the elements have a huge amount of detail. These style of cakes are perfect for parties for small children.

Another thing to be noted is that most of the cakes have red and white stripes. The use of stripes is a popular feature for pirate birthday cakes and decor. In fact, one of the most popular color schemes that is used for pirate birthday parties is red, black and white (with touches of gold). Sometimes, when the party is for a girl, the color red is substituted with pink. Another color that is often used is blue (any shade). Pastel colors are also sometimes used.

If your little one has a favorite color, you can use that color as the main one and then choose 2 or 3 more colors to go with it.

Some of the elements that feature often in pirate birthday cakes are pirate flags, treasure chests, pirate ships and treasure maps. 

Want more ideas and inspiration? Check out these magnificent pirate themed cakes below.

The level of detail in these cakes is truly incredible. Like I mentioned previously, these elaborate cakes might not be suitable for every pirate party, because this much detail might not be fully appreciated by a small child. However, one can always be inspired and make a somewhat simpler variation of them.

I hope that I’ve given you some ideas and inspiration on how to decorate a birthday cake for a pirate party. With regards to making sure that everything is cohesive, I find that creating an inspiration board on Pinterest helps a lot. This will help you visualize how all the decorations will look together. Pinterest is a treasure trove for pirate birthday ideas. I use it a lot.

So start pinning away your favorite decorations, cakes and favors and you’ll be well on your way to hosting the perfect pirate birthday party. Huzzah!

Want to fully join in the merriment of your child’s party? Why not get yourself a pair of pirate themed earrings or a nice skull and crossbones necklace and become a pirate queen for the day? You’ll make your child’s day when they see you having a blast with them and joining in all the silliness and fun.

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